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Bid Writer
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Bid Writing

You only get one chance to win a tender or proposal. I will make sure your content is well written and persuasive. Choose from a range of support options that can be tailored to your needs and your budget. See The Bid Writer website for more details …


Does your website text attract visitors? Having problems writing press releases, adverts, leaflets, newsletters, brochures, direct mail letters or something else to promote your business?  I will help you to capture your reader’s attention – and keep it …

Technical Writing

Producing clear and concise technical documents will add value to your product, service or software and save you money by reducing your help desk support overhead. Well written content can add value by being used as the basis for training materials…


Learn to communicate better with customers, prospects and colleagues by attending one of our business writing training courses.  We know that each client is unique therefore we customise each course and offer them as classroom based or online…

Full Proofreading and Editing Reviews Available

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Hi, I’m Alison

I believe that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and it’s never more important than when you communicate with your prospects, clients and colleagues in writing. Sending out poor content with mistakes and inconsistencies leaves a lasting bad impression and in some cases can lose you business.

I help organisations of all shapes and sizes to win more business by producing better quality documents.  I can either write the documents myself, edit and proofread content written by others, or welcome people onto my training courses so that they can learn the secrets to effective business writing themselves.

I have clients of many sizes – from individual entrepreneurs to household name companies. It doesn’t matter if they are not natural writers, or they just don’t enjoy it – I can find a suitable service for them and their budget.  I’ve been on my better writing crusade for well over 20 years and have probably written enough content in that time to populate a small library!

A Safe Pair of Hands
Alison has recently helped me to put a proposal together for a corporate contract - I really can't thank her enough. Her expertise and skills have allowed me to take my work to the next level, and feel confident in showcasing my skills and abilities in a way that is persuasive and compelling. She is a fast worker, has great ideas and I know that I am in safe hands with her. Highly recommended.
Susan Ritchie
Leadership and Executive Coach
Comprehensive & Enlightening
I attended Alison's 'Write to Win' bid writing course recently and found it both comprehensive and enlightening. Even as an experienced writer myself I found that there was much to be learnt from the knowledge that Alison shared with such clarity. Her wide experience in many forms of writing, from bids to blogs and beyond, adds greatly to the value of what she communicates. I would recommend Alison to anyone wanting to improve their writing performance or just to remind themselves of the fundamentals of good writing.
Christian Channer
Maine Marketing and Associates
Really helpful
This course really helped to refocus my mind to write great bid documents. I now feel more prepared for our forthcoming bid writing tasks.
Robbie Gibb
Arriva Trains
Lots of good tips
Lots of stuff to go away and reflect on. Lots and lots of good tips. We will improve our bid writing as a result of this course.
Andrew Wilson
Informative course
An interesting and informative course.
Chris Levin
Bircroft Insurance Services

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