The way that bids are planned, structured and written is very different from any other sort of writing.  A bid writing training course is a great way for anyone who is writing a bid, or contributing to it, to improve their bid writing skills. An improvement in the way the bid is written will inevitably lead to a higher win rate.

Have you noticed how things have changed in the bid writing market in recent years?  The Internet has caused major advances in communication and greatly improved the degree and quality of the competition within the bid process. Many organisations do not have the resources to employ dedicated bid writing staff. They also have to use other contributors in the organisation who write parts of the bid.

It is important for even qualified bid writers to take a bid writing training course so that:

  • they stay on top of all the latest standards and techniques.
  • if there is a team they all write in a coherent way.
  • non-dedicated bid writers, (I like to call these people my subject matter experts or SMEs) can learn how to write clear and concise bid text, thus saving the bid writing team a great deal of time.

A good bid writing training course will make a huge difference to your bid success rate.  Subject matter experts have all the technical knowledge they need to make a serious contribution to any bid document, however they often lack the skills to communicate this information to non-technical readers.  This means that someone else has to rewrite or edit their content – or try and enlarge or reduce it to fit the requirements of the bid.

To be a great bid writer, you must stay updated on the latest techniques, tips, and tricks to stay competitive and increase the number of bids your organisation can win. Bids must include the usual price and delivery time frames, but they must also explain your organisation’s key messages. The objective is to convince your reader that regardless of price variations , your organisation will be the best choice to deliver the product or service they need.

Having well trained bid writers in your organisation can only improve your win rate and build more confidence with your prospects. In addition, you can turn around bids more quickly which means you will be able to bid on more contracts.

My bid writing training course is delivered by a highly-qualified bid writer with over 20 years’ experieince. This is usually at your company premises. The course can be either a one day intensive course or a two-day workshop with time to work on your own writing.  The training can be geared to any experience level and massaged to make sure time is spent on the most important areas for your business. So, whatever your requirements, there is a bid writing training course available to suit you. I will even prepare customised exercises, using your own material, to make sure your staff get the most from the course.

Write to Win training courses provide a professional resource for business owners and managers looking for help with business writing.

What should I do now?

Want to improve your writing skills or those of your team?  You can find a whole list of my training courses here, or why not give me a call on 07778 657003 and talk to me about what you need? I create lots of customised courses in addition to the current off the shelf options.  I can send you a detailed course outline.

Alison Reeves - Helping Small and Medium Sized Businesses to Grow

Bid Writer ★ Copywriter ★ Technical Writer ★ Trainer ★ Course Developer ★ Just Communicate Better

Your business documents are the 'voice' of your business. If you are unable to express yourself clearly and confidently your competitors will win business that should be yours, your customers will not understand the benefits of your product or service and your staff will not understand the processes and procedures that they should follow to keep your organisation running smoothly.

Don't forget - you only get one chance to make a first impression.

  • Bid Writer and Tender Writer – stand out from your competitors writing bids that get results.
  • Web Content Writer – I write web pages that grab attention and prompt action.
  • Copywriter – capture your reader’s attention with engaging promotional material.
  • Technical Writer – add value to your product/service, save money on your help desk support.
  • Better Business Writing – editing, proofreading, formatting , eye catching Word™ templates.
  • Business Writing Skills Courses – specialised and custom training that improves communication.
  • Course Development - writing courses so you can deliver top quality training.

In the past few years I have:

  • written dozens bids which have won new business.
  • written short, concise, effective copy for websites, brochures and marketing campaigns.
  • created easy to read and understand technical manuals and online help systems.
  • conducted several hundred successful business writing training courses.
  • created many high quality training courses with a full range of training materials for both products and services.

Don't forget - most business is lost through poor communication not through the products or services on offer.

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