Win more bids using a bid writer

A professional bid writer knows the techniques that will raise your win rate

Writing bids and tenders successfully is daunting, overwhelming, time consuming and complicated, taking you away from your business. If you don’t have the right skills in house you will lose bids (including those where you are already working with your client).

As your bid writer, Alison Reeves is passionate about writing compelling bids, and helping you to grow your business. She will work with you to define strong win themes, and clear service offerings that will both comply with and exceed the tender specification. She can also put together a bid writing team if required for larger bids using trusted colleagues from the bid writing industry.

Benefits of using a bid writer

  • consistently win more bids.
  • only pay for actual work done.
  • iron out peaks and troughs around deadlines.
  • enhance your reputation and credibility.
  • increase your overall revenue.
  • produce more professional bids.
  • get a fresh perspective on your bid content.
  • save time by getting on with your business.

What will The Bid Writer do for you?

  1. manage your bid, determining strategy, win themes, compliance, storyboarding and customer analysis.
  2. write specific tender responses, including structure, content, formatting and graphics.
  3. write proposals where you have pitched to a potential client and they ‘ask for it in writing’.
  4. prepare case studies to evidence your knowledge and experience and the benefit you can bring to your clients.
  5. set up and maintain a bid library so that you have useful content you can re-use
  6. provide full bid reviews where you have written the content yourself or just an edit and proofread.
  7. improve your own bid writing skills though bid writing training courses. Check out the training page to find out more.

What’s included in a full bid review?

  • Have you answered the question?
  • Consistent terminology and removal of ambiguities
  • Do you provide relevant experience?
  • Apply bid template, logos, version details and title page if required.
  • Is spelling and grammar correct?
  • Is writing style suitable for the audience?
  • Rewrite where text is difficult to understand or too technical.
  • Page counts, word counts and other specification requirements.

With customers who come back again and again, Alison has got to know their businesses so well that they can now just send the tender over and she can write the bid right up to the review stage with little input from the client.

Business sector experience with The Bid Writer

  • aerospace, defence and security
  • airline industry
  • banking
  • chemistry and pharmaceuticals
  • cleaning and garden maintenance
  • consumer goods
  • health and the NHS
  • insurance
  • manufacturing
  • mining
  • public sector
  • telecoms
  • tourism
  • transport
  • utilities and energy

What do senior bid writers know that you don’t?

Download my 10 Golden Rules for Bid Writing below

Created by a bid writer with over 20 years’ experience

What People Are Saying

“More worthwhile than I expected. Some very useful stuff to use and think about in the future. ”

Simon Gimson, Arriva Trains


I highly recommend Alison as a bid partner, she did a great job for us on a recent tender, both from a technical writing skills perspective, and also being a true team member. She was great to work with

Helen Kings

Managing Director, Touchstone

Your technical tender submission was assessed against the stated scoring methodology and the answers were judged as excellent (all scoring a maximum 100) and could not be improved upon.

Robert Corteen

Corteen Training

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