Buy some copywriting time for reviewing, editing, proofreading and more …

With my flexible approach, you can take as much or as little support as you need, depending on your budget.

Alison Reeves - Write to Win

For those of you who would just like a small amount of help, or who want to dip your toe in the water, you can buy some of my time. You may want some help with a document review, editing, proofreading or more. Here are some suggestions for how I can help you:

One Hour – £55

  • Bid or proposal review – up to 10 pages
  • Website review – up to 5 pages
  • Proofreading a lead magnet / article / blog post – up to 1500 words. Includes correcting typos, punctuation and grammar mistakes.
  • Two short social media bios written from scratch – any platform.
  • Reformat of a proposal or quote template to make it easier to read and get your message across better.
  • Write a short home page for your new website.


Two Hours – £105

  • Bid or proposal review – up to 20 pages
  • LinkedIn profile review – including feedback on how it can be improved.
  • Editing or redrafting a lead magnet / article / blog post – up to 1500 words
  • Website content writing – up to two pages.


Four Hours – £210

  • Bid or proposal review – larger bids up to 50 pages
  • LinkedIn profile from scratch – a call to gather info and writing it from scratch.
  • Website content writing – up to 5 pages from basic information you supply.
  • Lead magnet – up to 5 pages from basic information you supply.


Anything writing or content marketing related –

it’s up to you how I spend the time.

*In some cases, this time will include a phone call / skype call to gather data for the project.

** A review is an appraisal of your document(s) with either verbal or written feedback on how it may be improved.

To take advantage of this offer, click on the PayPal link below and enter the amount for the time you wish to buy, then email me with your contact details so we can schedule in your work. Any question? Give me a call.


I’m really delighted with how you formatted my proposal template. Restructuring the headings and formatting the pages made a real difference.  It now saves me loads of time and is much easier for my propects and clients to read, therefore it gets the message across easier. I can produce my proposals much more quickly now and I’m getting a much better response. Money well spent – thank you!

Tosca Lahiri

Web Developer

I’m so pleased with the rewrite of my Lead Magnet – it’s much more professional now and I’m getting great feedback.  I feel so much more confident knowing my prospects and clients are getting a well put together document as it reflects on my business.  I was impressed how quickly you were able to do the work for me and appreciated having a fixed price so I knew where I stood. I totally recommend Alison for all business writing projects.

Carl Johnson

Business Development Coach

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