You get one chance to make a great first impression

The copywriter will create great copy to grow your business and build your brand

Do you struggle to write the right sort of content to market your business?

You’ve come to the right place. I am a copywriter with over 25 years experience and a marketing degree. I am based in sunny Wolverhampton, but have clients all over the UK.

Keep reading to see how I can support you in your business.

I will make your marketing documents and online presence more powerful, persuasive and polished. Your marketing will work harder and you will get better results, attracting more of the right kind of business.

Alison Reeves - The Copywriter

Digital Marketing

Web content

Your website is the home of your business. You have three seconds to capture someone and this is on every page, not just the home page.

Blog posts

Blog posts

Engage your readers and become a thought leader in your subject. Regular, consistent blog posts are an integral part of content marketing.

Blog posts

Email campaigns

Nurture and convert your email list. Once they lose interest they will delete, junk or just stop reading your content.

Blog posts


Keep your readers informed regarding news and special offers. Tie this in carefully with your email campaigns.

Web content

Lead Magnets

Successful businesses have one thing in common – a thriving email list. Write a useful eBook in exchange for an email address, ensuring your sign-up pages are persuasive.

Blog posts

Social media

Build your audience whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram or another social media platform. This must be consistent and fit with your other marketing efforts in tone and style.

Blog posts

Case studies

Create short and long case studies that you can use on your website and in your bids and brochures to demonstrate your expertise.

Editing and Proofreading

Get a fresh pair of eyes. I love an excuse to get out my special fountain pen with the red ink. Never release another document with typos or mistakes.

Direct Marketing

Sales letters

Although they have fallen out of favour, good sales letters direct through the letter box are very effective.

Blog posts

Product descriptions

Providing quality descriptive content allows you to fully communicate the features and benefits of your products and services.

Blog posts


A great advert is a marriage between great design and good copy – both are essential.


Expensive printed brochures must address the needs and interests of your customers and describe your products or services appropriately.

Leaflets and flyers

Use well written and punchy leaflets and flyers to publicise an event or launch and at networking events.

Press releases

Get your success stories published, or your event or new product launch in the public eye.

Tight budget and need a quick fix?

On a budget? Need a Quick Fix or some help? Want to dip your toe in the water? The cavalry have arrived!
Pop over to my Quick Fix page and you can choose from one hour, two hours or half a day of my time to fix some of your copywriting problems. You’ll find some examples of what you can expect in the time, but you choose to use the time in whatever way you want.
Another bonus – you can make a quick payment using paypal and I’ll issue a receipt before we start work.
Woman writing with pen

Documents - It’s not just about marketing literature

Every piece of written communication that comes from your business should strike the same tone and create the same impression of your business. Failing to do this can result in what we call ‘buyer’s remorse’ when they start to doubt they have purchased from the right type of business.  However, it can just be about consistency.

There are many ways that your documents will tell your story.  For example does your:

  • corporate responsibility brochure tell your social value story?
  • environmental and sustainability policies support the environment?
  • your management of your supply chain fit your policies?
  • new client information pack reassure new clients?
  • website show an up to date picture of your business?
  • standard document set reflect your company’s character and tone?
  • email signoff provide topical helpful information for your clients?
  • employee training encourage documents free from typos and mistakes?

I can help you by reviewing all your existing documents, adding new ones as appropriate and providing training to you and your staff. This will improve your business documents and make sure each one matches the tone of your business. Look at my training page to find out more about the training courses I have available.

Writing a book is a popular way to reinforce yourself as an expert in your field

  1. If you struggle with writing I can ghost write the book for you based on interviews and discussions.
  2. If you write it yourself I can provide a fresh set of eyes and provide an edit and proofread.

The important thing is that I will ensure that your personality and tone of voice shines through – it will always be your book.

Woman writing with pen

Copywriting Training and Mentoring

Develop the skills you need to write your own marketing copy – generic or fully customised training courses for you and your staff. Choose from inhouse training or online training.

  • Mentoring

Gain individual support whilst improving your writing skills though calls, editing of your work, and discussion. This can be an add on to training or a stand-alone service.

Don’t know where to start with your business documents?

Download my 101 Business Writing Tips eBook below

Tips from a business writer with over 20 years’ experience

What People Are Saying

“Good practical tips and techniques. ”

Anthea Lunn, British Library

To get to the point – if you are looking for a copywriter for your online marketing channels (website for instance) I would highly recommend that you speak with Alison. The bottom line is that the marketing copy that Alison has written for my services has directly resulted in new leads and customers. I have used Alison’s services more than once and will again go to her for copywriting.

Tosca Lahiri

Web Designer, Trainer & Coach, Wicked Spider

Alison has worked on a number of projects for me, including writing contracts and most recently working on my website copy.

Alison really knows what she’s talking about and is always happy to offer her advice and expertise.

I look forward to working with Alison more in the future!

Melissa Plimmer

Graphic & Web Designer

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What is a Lead Magnet?

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