Have you considered outsourcing some of your documents to a technical writer?

Here are the benefits for using a professional technical writer:

  • Out-sourcing the writing means that your developers, engineers and marketing staff can concentrate on their main responsibilities – the jobs they are good at. You get top quality documentation from a specialist.
  • When you use a professional technical writing service, you only pay for the technical writing resources you need, when you need them.
  • You can purchase a small quantity of top-quality, professional expertise, without having to commit to a long-term high salary.
  • You can buy in different kinds of expertise to meet differing needs. For example, bring in an expert writer to write your web page content, and use a specialist website designer to handle the presentation. No need to compromise – you can get the best in every field.
  • Even if you have in-house technical writing resources, you can manage the peak workloads by buying in professional help.

Finding a Technical Writer

There are many options you can investigate to outsource your technical writing needs.

Option 1 – Contact a specialist documentation agency.


  • Good availability
  • Normally supply experienced authors.


  • Cost – the agency mark-up makes this expensive.
  • Can’t always get the same techical writer so more familisation time.
  • Lots of paperwork.

Option 2 – Pick a freelance technical writer on the internet.


  • Usually very cheap, no overheads or mark-up.


  • No proper technical writing experience.
  • No affiliations with professional bodies.
  • Probably don’t have good project management skills.
  • No back-up.
  • Long-term continuity may be a problem.
  • They just want to pay the mortgage at any cost.

Option 3 – Use Write to Win – an experienced, established supplier of technical writing services.


  • Good availability.
  • Loads of relevant experience
  • No agency overheads on the cost.
  • Wants to build long-term relationships with clients.
  • Affiliations with the ISTC – the main professional body for technical writers.
  • Access to other experienced qualified technical writers if required.


  • Sorry, we can’t think of any.

Write to Win has provided technical writing solutions for a wide range of business, industrial, scientific and commercial enterprises over more than 30 years. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

What should I do now?

I have been providing Technical Documentation solutions to customers for over 30 years…

"Good documentation makes your product easier to use, easier to maintain, and easier to sell" says Alison.  Whether you have policies and procedures that need writing, online help, or white papers I can help.  Take a look at my technical writing page to get some background, you can then call on 07778 657003 to talk about any of your technical writing needs or to get detailed course outlines for my training. If you want to be informed of any occasional public training courses I run, please sign up to my email list.

Alison Reeves - Helping Small and Medium Sized Businesses to Grow

Bid Writer ★ Copywriter ★ Technical Writer ★ Trainer ★ Course Developer ★ Just Communicate Better

Your business documents are the 'voice' of your business. If you are unable to express yourself clearly and confidently your competitors will win business that should be yours, your customers will not understand the benefits of your product or service and your staff will not understand the processes and procedures that they should follow to keep your organisation running smoothly.

Don't forget - you only get one chance to make a first impression.

  • Bid Writer and Tender Writer – stand out from your competitors writing bids that get results.
  • Web Content Writer – I write web pages that grab attention and prompt action.
  • Copywriter – capture your reader’s attention with engaging promotional material.
  • Technical Writer – add value to your product/service, save money on your help desk support.
  • Better Business Writing – editing, proofreading, formatting , eye catching Word™ templates.
  • Business Writing Skills Courses – specialised and custom training that improves communication.
  • Course Development - writing courses so you can deliver top quality training.

In the past few years I have:

  • written dozens bids which have won new business.
  • written short, concise, effective copy for websites, brochures and marketing campaigns.
  • created easy to read and understand technical manuals and online help systems.
  • conducted several hundred successful business writing training courses.
  • created many high quality training courses with a full range of training materials for both products and services.

Don't forget - most business is lost through poor communication not through the products or services on offer.

Email me on alison@writetowin.co.uk

Call me on 01902 750802, or 07778 657003

Visit my website: www.writetowin.co.uk

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